React's new Context API and Actions

Photo: unsplash-logo Daniel Watson Edit: 4/2/2018 - It was pointed out to me that the example in this post had a performance issue, where was called on Consumers unnecessarily. I’ve updated the article, examples, and the CodeSandbox to rectify this. The new React Context…


React VN is a Visual Novel Editor and Player for playing and writing text adventures. Technology React React VN was written for the web with Javascript, using React as a framework for the data and managing interactions. create-react-app The React setup was scaffolded with Create…

Playing with Canvas and ES6 Classes

A Train Ride This past Labor Day weekend I took some time to take the train down to New York City with my wife to see the sights, eat some good food, and generally get incredibly overwhelmed by the sheer denseness of the city. It’s a great city and I know many people love it…