lastpass on android

only slightly frustrating

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i don't know if i'll always copy stuff i write between the two. this is an experiment.

first off, having a password manager and randomized passwords is good, do it.

but also lastpass on android is an exercise is frustration as the prompt to autofill only seems to pop up:

  1. when I focus on the password field (so it doesnt work on sites that have two steps for logging in, unless I want to type my username/email if I can remember which I used) and, more egregiously:
  2. the popup shows up for about 0.2 seconds.

first, this introduces cumulative layout shift, and when the prompt disappears i repeatedly click "submit" and try to log in with an empty form.

second, i dont have those kind of reflexes, folks.

I don't do android development so I have no idea how hard this is to make consistent, or know any viable solution. this is just a complainy chost.